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Thread: Crime Pays

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    Crime Pays

    My 88 year old mum lives independently with support at her own home. Last week she went for groceries to the local convenience store for groceries on her mobility scooter. By the time she arrived home someone had lifted her handbag out of her pannier on the way home. She lost her handbag, house keys, purse with cash and debit card amongst others.

    As she couldn't get in her home and doesn't use a mobile phone she 'scooted' to my home a few miles away crossing very busy roads. After hearing her story I phoned her bank and told the fraud squad she' d been robbed. A stop was put on her card but someone had tried to buy things 'contactlessly' twice!

    I had the shops name, address, time the transactions took place to the second from the bank. I had both shops managers names and they'd burnt CC TV coverage of the incident plus car registration details plus managers mobile number.

    My mum had attached a key-fob to her keys saying to call a number for a company if lost. I eventually phoned this company and was given the name and mobile number of a woman who found mum's h . andbag and stuff in their garden. Mum was able to collect her handbag, keys and empty purse yesterday.

    The police were told about exact times of debit card transactions at exact times and detailed venues with CCTV coverage. The Police have all the evidence but have done nothing with it.

    Luckily the bank have refunded mum's lost money.

    So the robbers are still at large and my mum may well be targeted again as it happened local to her home.

    What do you do when the Police aren't interested in this 'petty crime' despite loads of evidence

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    The police do not care. I had my card details stolen about 15 years ago (before the security number days) and the card number was used among other things to get a pizza delivery to someone's house. I got all my money back from the bank but went to the police because the was an actual delivery address, and they still did nothing.

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    LT,a dreadful thing to happen to your mother BUT she should NOT have had her handbag in the pannier leaving it wide open to theft, a foolish place to put it and asking for trouble as she well found. I use a walking frame as well as a scooter and my bag is a cross body bag that always sits across my shoulders and drops in front of me. Where your mum had her bag was leaving it easily in reach of sticky fingers.
    She needs to invest in a bag that stays on her body.
    I mean no disrespect by this post but it is a lesson to be learnt. NEVER leave your bag anywhere other than on your person.

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    What a horrible thing for your mum to go through. Heartless b*8Tards.

    The police can't cope right now. They don't have the numbers to deal with the more "normal" crimes. I live in Essex and last week on our local news a mans garden furniture nbusiness was robbed of most of his stock. He had full colour cctv of their faces and vehicles. When he took it to the police they did nothing! Because the news programme showed it on TV, the top police guy said it was going to be investigated. But if the businessman hadn't done this then no doubt it would have been ignored.
    If I were you I would contact local media if you have cctv footage and kick up a fuss. The police would then be forced to act.

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    Today the Police phoned to say they are looking into my mum's handbag snatch - that's 15 days after it happened.

    The Policeman who phoned wanted to clarify a few points.

    Despite having done all the detective work myself narrowing down the times. places, spend, CCTV coverage, where the bag was recovered and by whom - he wasn't aware of these details as his database doesn't show that information.


    They usually log name, address, what's happened and where so they can look into it. I even knew the stolen debit card was used at exactly 3.12pm but they logged it as 3.15pm because there computer wouldn't log '12'!!

    Is it any wonder people get away with petty crime as it's not recorded correctly and the investigating office can't access another database where all the crucial evidence is stored,

    The Police are as useful as a chocolate fireguard in my opinion!
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    Your mum won't be the only one that this scroat has stolen from.

    And the police probably already know who it is.

    There will have been a spate of bag snatches that they will be trying to tie together to make sure they get a sentence and not just a slap on the wrist.

    Getting all the evidence together to make a strong case to the court takes time.
    (As we all know from getting our PIP/ESA evidence together for the court).
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    I'm sad to hear this has happened your mum lighttouch. I imagine she was shocked and a little bewildered that 'someone' could do this to an elderly lady. Regrettably these days as Beau said an across the body bag is safer, less elegant but definitely safer.

    It's poor that the Police felt they were too busy to investigate at the time. It seems what the general public would prioritise as needing imminent investigation doesn't "fit" with what the Police decide has higher priorities, some of which you couldn't make up.

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    I had a second phone call from a Police Sergeant wanting to know what was said to the investigating officer as he was just making stuff up in his report so the investigation would be dropped. Now he is going to be grilled for being inefficient!


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