To keep it simple. I am a permanent staff working for company A. The work dried up. They told me there is no work within the company but if I wish I can work on clients premise on different project for a few months. I accepted. I have a bad back and need a walking stick to get around. Also been suffering depression for years but has been under control. The company has been great over the years with my disability. I love the work I do.

This year has been hard. Taken so many days off due to a fall I had and recently been suffering from depression that I was off work for weeks. So many factors going through my mind as well as work in a way I am letting the team down with my absence. My work is to finish next month and I will go back to base. They said they might have work lined up for me but no confirmation yet. Earlier this year they laid some people off due to lack of work.

What I love to do is when I finish this work at the client base I want to take a few weeks off. Unpaid if it comes to that. What I don't want to happen is they have made me redundant and the time I took off as unpaid leave is counted. Hope you know what I mean.

What do you recommend? By taking time off I won't be worrying about work etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated.