It's time of year again for out local annual fair.

Egremont Crab Fair is celebrating it's 750th aniversary this year.
(It's offically the longest continuously held fair in the world).

You can find more on the Facebook Group or on the website

If you are thinking of coming tonight or tomorrow here is a guide to getting here and accessibility that I wrote last year, it's still relevant.
This years headline act for the free concert are Union J.

The main road and market place are now closed until Sunday noon, they have also taken over all the parking spaces so residents are forced to park where they can find somewhere else.
(Shops and businesses make a fortune from visitors, residents are lucky if they get a thank you for the disruption in the local rag).

They have set up the stage for tonights free pop concert, the front left corner is about 12 meters from my front window, no peace for me tonight.
They have just started testing it and I can't hear my telly now.
And all the electrical gear seems to be interfereing with my wifi for some reason.

That's my niggles over, should be a busy weekend.
Off to the pub, might stay there all night until the concert finishes (If the landlady will give me a slate).