Lamin Manneh, 40, from Manchester, disabled war hero, para-athlete and Invictus Games competitor, is “honoured” to have been appointed as the first Ambassador for the new WHILL powerchair from TGA.


WHILL is a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) that is redefining powered wheelchair design. Designed and developed by leading talents from the Japanese car industry, WHILL from TGA is a pioneering new powerchair that provides a higher level of manoeuvrability. It incorporates ‘omni’ front wheels which deliver forward and lateral rotation so that normal castor pivoting is not required when turning. This significantly reduces the turning circle so negotiating obstacles and restricted space is far easier. Combined with powerful four-wheel-drive the WHILL delivers revolutionary traction across challenging terrain such as gravel and sand. As brand ambassador Lamin will be championing this ground-breaking performance during training, competitions and home life.

Lamin moved to Britain in 2005 from Gambia, a Commonwealth country, to follow his dream of joining the British Army. He served in the Irish Guards for five years until being seriously injured in Afghanistan on New Year’s Eve 2010. Lamin managed to miraculously pull through this ordeal and has now rebuilt his life as a triple amputee. Read more.....