Getting it all wrong
Posted in benefits section earlier about recent situation, but for those reading this who hadn't read that one, brief explanation.
Daughter has three children aged ten twelve fourteen
They are currently subject to an interim care order
My son and his girlfriend are looking after the younger two and I am looking after the eldest
Today was contact
I have to supervise
Today we met in middle
Went for dinner
First time youngest didn't scream at end
Youngest wanted to stay at mine the night
I agreed
Eldest was going out with friends after
Son was collecting middle child along with his daughter and overnight bag for eldest and eldest was to be at my son's by curfew
I packed all the wrong stuff and forgot the tampons so eldest has hump with me
Middle child asked me if she could live with me forever
She told me she doesn't like it at her aunt and uncle
I said I didn't have room for anyone else
I am already sleeping on settee as have given my bedroom to eldest
I explained that the social worker had decided who to place where and it had not been my decision
I said I hoped they would all go home
Middle child said she didn't think they would ever let them go home
You are not supposed to have favourites but I feel that here i can admit that middle one is mine
Nineteen year old son has brought home a new girlfriend tonight and although she's lovely I'm lying here on sofa feeling like my little hobbit dwelling is bursting at seams
Doesn't help that I was forced two years ago to move due to bedroom tax
Old House would have coped better
Spent most of evening crying on phone to gentleman friend
My lovely partner of eight years who lives 200 miles away
We used to get together fortnightly
I travelled up north once a month and he travelled down south once a month and it worked well
I can't go up now and if he comes down i don't know where he will stay
Meanwhile my daughter is broken hearted rattling round a four bedroom house by herself