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Thread: What a waste of time

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    What a waste of time

    I had an assessment today.

    Or at least I should have had an assessment today.

    Soon as I arrived at the JobCentre (Birkenhead) the woman said they were running late and it would be an hour and a half wait at the most.

    Next she takes me outside for a chat and says that my assessment has been cancelled because they have to get their victims out by 5 p.m.

    So now I have to go back next week for another assessment.

    Is this one of their sly little tactics?

    It took a lot for me to go today. I have depression and anxiety and this morning I was so nervous I was getting chest pains.

    Its bad enough having to go there and having the staff looking at me like I'm a piece of you know what on the bottom of their shoe.

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    Might be an idea for someone to ring up and postpone your assessment due to the fact how ill you are after today's experience, and forward some more information about how it has effected you, as you say if it's one of their tactics use it to your advantage, I don't mean tell lies but if it has caused you stress etc..............

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    How would I go about doing that?

    Should I ask for someone to call them for me, and then try and submit some new evidence?

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    Doing this is sinking to their level and would probably causee you more stress. They do on occasion overbook assessments in case of no shows, then have assessor go sick and every claimant turns up
    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    I think you should go next week and just get it over and done with as prolonging it will just cause you more stress.
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    Don't fall in to the DWP trap of allowing them to cause you more stress.

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