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    Unhappy bus pass

    Hi can any one give info on how can i get a bus pass i am fed-up with trying to calm anything at the moment i have bilateral osteoartritis and i cannot walk far i have to have my walking stick and i have mentral health problems aswell i get ESA and try tried to get DLA to get a bus pass because of walking i was told by the DLA at i was not disabled enough' i don't know what to do now?
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    Hi Smudgecat.
    i think it can depend on your local council. here in Lincoln I have been told that all you need is a letter from your doctor stating your problems (walking and falling etc) and they give you a disabled bus pass. I also have heard of people getting a letter from their social worker (learning disabilites) to get one too

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    Yes, it does differ. I would search for disabled bus pass, for your Council.

    On the DLA, you may want to challenge it, appeal if it is not too late, or try a new claim. You would be best getting help from someone like the CAB to claim or appeal. If you have limited ability to walk you should be able to get something. If there are other issues this could help too. The CAB or someone like them can advise & help you with the process.
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    Can only comment on Warwickshire,
    but to get the bus pass in this county, all you do is go to your local library, show them your Blue badge and they take a photo and in a couple of weeks the badge arrives

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