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Thread: Recommend your favourite venue for an award!

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    Recommend your favourite venue for an award!

    Nominations are open for Blue Badge Style awards

    The Awards will recognise the effort that stylish hotels, restaurants and bars have made to attract guests with disabilities. A stylish venue doesn’t have to be expensive, just have the certain something that makes it stand out.

    Blue Badge Style reviews a venue’s facilities, access and style and awards up to three ticks; one for accessibility, one for facilities and one for style.

    You can enter your favourite place for one of the following awards:

    • Best Venue in a Listed Building
    • Most Accessible Bar (upmarket & budget)
    • Most Accessible Restaurant (upmarket & budget)
    • Most Accessible Hotel (upmarket and boutique)
    • Best Disabled Loo
    • Most Ludicrous Loo
    • Best European Venue
    • Above & Beyond – for the venue or company who has made a special effort

    Some of the things Blue Badge Style looks for in a great venue are:
    Access – things like ramps, unaided access, type of flooring, space to move around in a wheelchair or with a stick, noise levels which aid people with hearing difficulties.
    Facilities – where is the disabled loo, how easy is it to use, is everything at the right height, where are the grab rails, emergency cord etc. If it’s a hotel does it have a walk-in showers and wardrobe rails at wheelchair-user height?
    Style – only you can decide what’s stylish, but we want to hear about venues with style in terms of décor and the welcome the staff extend to people with disabilities.

    You can send as much or as little information as you wish and photos are always good. The judges will vet the suggested venues either by visits or remotely with detailed questionnaires. However, it’s your recommendation that counts above all else.

    Blue Badge Style also want to hear about your experience of ludicrous loos. Have you come across a supposedly disabled toilet that’s impossible to use because it’s full of junk, too small, or everything’s in the wrong place? Then let them know and send an image if you can.

    Nominations close on Friday 8 September 2017.

    Please send your recommendations via:
    email -
    Twitter - @bluebadgestyle
    Facebook - bluebadgestyle

    The Awards will be announced in October.

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    An award for "Most Ludicrous Loos" there's a good one! I would have nominated a certain place for that, because the door is on a spring to close it, therefore I can't open it. Then I remembered that that's not a unique feature, it's pretty standard - many places have their disabled toilets with doors like that.

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