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Thread: Missing posts and threads Aug 2017

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    Missing posts and threads Aug 2017

    I understand that there have been gliches with the forum.
    However I notice that posts and threads for 1 - 3 August 2017 are missing - mine in respect of winning my PIP award at tribunal posted and appeared on 1 August but has gone.
    Will these posts re-appear when problems have been solved?


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    There was a problem with the update to the new version of the underlying forum software, and they reverted the a backup of the old version.
    So any posts made during the day or so that the new version was up are not currently showing (because they weren't in that backup).

    Presumably (hopefully?) the posts that had been made on the new version had also been backed up and will reappear once the new version is re-instated.

    I know from upgrading other forums that these odd glitches when upgrading often strike out of nowhere, you think you have everything covered and then......
    Like the time on a forum I moderate where after a minor upgrade all members were suddenly shown as logging on from the same computer - in Mountain View, California. (guess where Google headquarters are).

    The problem they had here was that after a day of the new version working OK every page on the forums was suddenly showing blank.
    That's usually a pathname issue with the SQL/database on the server.
    (I can take a good guess why this happened after a day of 'normal' running, but leave it with the yourable admin and the server providers to sort out).
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