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Thread: Disabled Identity Card

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    Wink Disabled Identity Card

    Hello everyone

    I have seen online that you can buy a disabled identity card (DID) at the following link. I am seriously considering getting one but just wondered if anyone had purchased one and had any problems with using it?

    Many thanks!

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    I am somewhat suspicious of a first time potser giving a link to a little known limited company that is selling something.

    An uncertified 'disabled identity' card that does not seem to be recognised by / affiliated to any disability charity or organisation.

    And it's not a one off payment, it's at least a £10 anual fee that they are asking for.

    It also does not seem to be recognised by any particular venue or organisation.

    All they say on their website is-
    Many entertainment centres, theatres and attractions accept the card, where they would otherwise require paper documentation to prove that the person is disabled and in receipt of DLA or other qualifying benefits.
    or if you want to read that differently, you dont need this card you can just show them a letter that shows you are on DLA/PIP, etc.

    Anyone who, according to them, would be eligible to buy this card would already have proof that they were disabled.

    Checking this company a bit further-

    The company was started in December 2014 by one person, who holds all 100 shares.
    (The website says "run by disabled people or parents and relatives of disabled people")

    I have had a look at the company filings at companies house.
    It is still registered as trading and has recently (Jan 2017) changed registered office.
    The company seems to have holdings of £100, (100 shares @ £1 each).
    Isn't the internet wonderful.

    I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole.
    There again if you want to pay £10 a year for another bit of plastic.
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    I agree nukecad it does sound more than a bit suspicious, I for one am Not interested.
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    Not sure what help an unofficial card would be. If you are looking for something along these lines then something from specialist charities would be better... I know headway do a brain injury card backed by the NPCC (police), which is free, maybe other charities do something similar.

    Otherwise using a parking blue badge, bus pass, railcard, CEA (cinema card) etc sometimes helps if you need so show something. Lots of organisations have there own cards too such as the national trust can issue a access for all admit one card for carers etc. It does involve having a full wallet of cards though and making arrangements in advance :-)

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    I am a member of our local Headway Group and Headway have just started rolling out an identity card advising that the holder is a survivor of a Brain Injury.
    Don't know about any others - sorry
    Sea Queen

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    You can only get a PA in for free at any cinema using a CEA card - nothing else will work.

    I'm a National Trust member. I just show the card and say plus my PA - scooters are free to use.

    When booking theatre tickets over the phone I just ask for either a wheelchair space and seat for a PA or two accessible seats

    I've never been asked for documentation to prove I'm disabe5d as it's obvious.

    Not sure what use it's for as nobody has heard of it before.

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    The idea is a good one as I’ve had occasion where ID has been needed for reduced payment into a venue and the ID that’s acceptable is the Blue Badge but problem there is the BB is on display on the car dash parked in a BB space several obstacles away.

    Another place where such card could be handy is for VAT relief on disabled equipment where proof of disability is required.

    The only way such card would work IMO is through the DWP or some other HMG department but as in this card case herein it could be any Tom, Dick or Harry behind it.

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    For children with disabilities there's the I count card
    I used to use it when going on outings with my autistic son, and it usually meant that I got in free as his carer

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    Suspicious? Nice comment to make. You make it sound like I was trying to sell the card rather than ask for advice as to whether anyone had ever heard of it.

    Maybe that's why it's taken me 2 years to bother to return to this site.

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    Hampshire County Council Adult Services do whats referred to as a 'Yellow Card' which confirms that the holder is registered with them as disabled under the National Assistance Act. There was no charge to get the card and I simply had to provide them with a photocopy of each side of my Blue Badge. I can then use this as proof of disability throughout Hampshire, and I have used it in places outside Hampshire too.

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