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Thread: Warm home discount scheme?

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    Warm home discount scheme?

    Hi all,
    Back in November I applied to the warm home discount scheme, I got a letter confirming I qualified earlier this year. I have however not received it yet.

    Does anyone know if this is normal? Anyone still waiting too?

    I pay by direct debit and I've been monitoring my banking, nothing has been paid in, my payments have continued and I've not received a cheque.

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    not sure but I dont think you actually get the money to your bank, they knock it off your bill.

    I do know that my daughter qualified for it last year, she has meters that you top up with a key, she received a letter telling her to take it to post office and they would top up her electric key with the amount.

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    I'm with SSE and they apply a credit for the WHD on your electric account, they don't pay it into your bank/send you a chq, unless you request this

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    It goes onto your electric bill you don't get money paid into your bank account.I think this years scheme will open on 1st August.

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    check with your supplier as some schemes are open now
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    I think it's getting muddled because my monthly bill is less than the applied discount, but as this is the case why have they continued to take monthly direct debits?

    I'm gonna have to ring em Monday.

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    As others have said they don't send you any money or stop/refund your DDs.
    (Except in very unusual circumstances).

    It's in the name - Warm Home Discount - ie. they apply a discount to your bill (or apply a credit to your card/key if you have a prepay meter).
    It will show on your bill as a credit, usually in spring (about March) but sometimes in December.
    Double check your bills for this credit.

    If you have paid more by DD over the whole year than you have been billed then you can ask them to reduce the amount of your payments and refund any credit; at the end of the year.
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    Hi archersmate
    If your on a pay as you go meter with a key to get electric , take your key to a paypoint outlet and just pay a £1 amount and you should find out if they have given it to you because you will see the credit on there when you put your key in your meter .
    Hope this helps

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    Daughter has the warm homes discount and yes it goes into her energy account.
    What they have done is drop her monthly amounts as it obviously gave her quite a bit of 'credit' in her energy account. No doubt it will go back up again once the warm homes money has gone.
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