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Thread: All Terrain mobility solutions

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    Hi RD I've met the person you're talking about - I looked at a Trekinetic a few years ago, and he was the Trekinetic rep then too. I know what you mean, and I can't vouch for his competence, but it's a fab wheelchair and I was impressed with Trekinetic company so surely he must be ok?! Is it a bit reassuring that he was their Rep 3 years ago, so can't have gone too wrong? I do remember that I called and spoke to him, but don't remember his IT skills.

    I'd love one for weekends, holidays and my retirement- along with a small dog

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    Btw I have a FrontWheel for my chair. no idea if it would work with your light drive, but I like it a lot. Copes with mud, grass and rough surfaces reasonably well. I need help to attach it to my chair, can't manage it myself.

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    My manual wheelchair with add on Lightdrive is ideal in shopping malls, promenades, indoors. But the 6 inch casters at the front aren't built for off road as you can't list the front wheels up. If I have to go up a 1 inch step I reverse up the kerb otherwise the chair would just stop in it's tracks.

    Looks like an interesting solution - what diameter is the front wheel.

    Yesterday I was at the Lowery Theatre seeing the Railway Children with my lodger - very simple and charming production. My wheelchair is ideal on the Metrolink, harbour walks and theatre outings.

    Fliss how much is the wheel add on.

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