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Thread: Changing amenity bungalows

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    Changing amenity bungalows

    Does anyone know the procedure for moving to a different council amenity bungalow? Currently my grandmother has a bungalow but she's been having difficulties with the location. Where she is there's a cut through lane down to the shops and it used at all times of the day and night. We also get a lot of kids playing on scooters which are very noisy and distressing to her. Similarly, our neighbours are very loud. The way the houses are built, our backyards are basically open at the back with a small fence separating us. There's no privacy at all. Our neighbours have two kids who are out from dawn till bedtime screaming and shouting and arguing with their parents. The parents aren't much better - they don't talk so much as they shout as if they're across the street from each other instead of standing next to one another. They're constantly shouting and their language is terrible - every other word has four letters. This might not seem like a huge deal - kids need to play, etc but my nana has dementia and loud noises distress her. It's gotten to the point that she won't really sit out in the backdoor anymore because of the noise. Then at night the neighbourhood kids play out the front (right outside our living room window) which gets her agitated. We've mentioned about the kids outside the door numerous times at our tenants meetings (its a big problem in the area not just for us) but there's nothing to be done about it unless they're being abusive, etc. The scheme hasn't been designed well so there's no where for the kids to play.

    Bottom line is, I don't think where she lives right now is doing her health any good (or mine as I'm constantly trying to calm her down, etc) and I want to look into the possibility of moving. I've never lived in a council house before (or an amenity house) so I'm not sure how I go about finding out about moving to a different amenity house or if it's even possible.

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks

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    your best route is to contact your local council office and ask to speak to a housing officer explaining the situation.

    most councils run a bidding scheme system and some it is a case of going on a waiting list for a property to come up in the area of choice.

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    I have a council bungalow which although as a wet room isn't wheelchair friendly i've been told that with 5yrs i'll either be in 1 or dead not sure what will come first, i spoke to housing officer and was basically told there is such a short fall of properties now that as long as i can get into 1 room and the wetroom i wouldn't stand a change of a move. You need priority and points to get a move and if living in a suitable property for health wont get anywhere. I know how it is i lived in a flat with neighbours from hell and druggies it went on for nearly 6yrs and only got a move then as i could not use bath any more and had quite a lot of points for being on list so long. I'm unsure if move is just your nan or you and you nan, if just for your nan and as she as health issues there are places where they have there own little apartment but theres someone on call and they do activities and people come round and check and they can pay extra to have meals brought in and washing done. You could ask your local council also you could contact your local age concern for advice or try CAB they could all prob give more help. The prob is a lot of bungalows that used to be for 60+ are by houses with kids and always areas where kids converge. I hope she can get somewhere goodluck

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    Hi scarletspy.
    We live in a property like your Gran, and unfortunately we are experiencing similar problems with neighbours loud music and children playing/schreeching outside. As mickeydt1 said , firstly I would get in touch with your local councils housing dept and explain the situation to them. They should have an antisocial behaviour dept who can look into the loud music and follow up on that, that is if the offenders are council tenants. If not the environmental health dept for the local council should also have an antisocial behaviour team who will follow it up in the meantime. Do not listen to the fact that you have been told at the tenants meeting that nothing can be done, antisocial behaviour teams in this area have already moved on children playing in our close, and they could possibly have a quiet word with the loud neighbours if it is distressing your Gran.
    Hopefully the council will be able to assist in finding your Nan a different property , but sadly nowadays unless it is a swap these properties are like golddust. If your Gran has seen a GP because of the extra distress it may be worth mentioning that too when speaking to the council.

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