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Thread: Smart Energy meters are a good thing aren't they?

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    I don't like this smart meter idea, I suspect that as with metered water, the only benefit in the longer term will be to the company, not the consumer. But I expect it's probably the future of utility supply.

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    I do not have one yet, though energy company wanting to fit one. Personally I do not mind, the signal is not constant, that is transmitting the data, to calculate usage.

    It may say 'smart meter', but reallt they are pretty dumb, only tell how much electricity/gas, you have used and when. Not where it is used, i.e. kitchen, living room, bedroom, as some seem to think. As for hacking possibility, as do not know how secure the system is. Does save me as meter under the stairs and cannot get to it, hope do not get a bill like some have for thousands of pounds when the unit goes haywire.

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    Hi All, My only question rearding smart meters, and the way they were being pushed, was are they going to be mandatory? However, like couple of others, I through preference and security, would rather not have them fitted, and I believe that customers can refuse to have them fitted, no matter how pushy utility companies can be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spencer69 View Post
    are they going to be mandatory?
    No, or at least not yet.

    No doubt in a few years it will become a case of:
    "Your current meter is old and unsafe so we need to fit a new one. These are the only ones we have now."
    So not mandatory but your choice will have gone.
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    Energy consumers who are reluctant to accept the modern smart meter technology could be charged an added supplement to their bills for the privilege of having a meter-reader call to record the gas and electricity readings. Once the majority of energy consumers have been provided with smart meters, why should the remaining minority with the old type meters be unfairly subsidised by the majority of consumers?


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    can be dangerous as apparently people who have had them fitted to gas meter have had leaks due to engineers not fitting correctly

    think there's a program on tonight about it.

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    We can't have a smart metre because we have solar panels and the utility companies don't have the technology for smart metres to work with the panels.I'm really not bothered about getting one now after reading about them.

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    Found this Barbiejane,

    From report on Watchdog programme, on Utility Week website:

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    Now that is worrying. I had them fitted at the end of May and I have now been out to sniff round the gas meter. We have a RCD instead of a fuse board and that is functioning alright so we should be safe.

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    Thanks mzmps.I'm really not bothered about having one fitted now.

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