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Thread: How can I move when on ESA?

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    How can I move when on ESA?

    long story short, as I won't bore you with the details, I am on ESA for Bipolar and two other illnesses, I have been really unwell for 4 years.
    I 'landed' up in Scotland and that is the long story however, I can't stay here, I am finding the weather and isolation very hard. I stopped going out more or less 3.5 years ago because of it. How can I move to the South of England where I am from? With social workers assist me? I am terrified, however, it has gotten to so bad here I know I can't stay. I get housing benefit and ESA. (My family all died and so don't have family down south nor up here).

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    Well I moved some years ago when on ESA. I had lots of support from my family in moving. I lived with my brother (rent free) for some weeks while I looked nearby for a suitable rental. The DWP suddenly cut off my ESA payments while I was moving, but I sorted it out with them somehow (I forget how, but I seem to remember having to visit a Jobcentre to give them something in time for their payment deadline) and they paid all of it back. I'd say ESA payments are something to watch carefully when moving. They stopped paying because it was a different office dealing with my claim (if I remember rightly). I did tell the DWP I was moving, but they stopped paying anyway. They didn't let me know they were stopping, I only noticed when I looked at my bank statement and nearly jumped out of my skin because I had no income. Having an address to move into really helped, even though it was only temporarily home.

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    Hello StarFish

    I wonder if you have any mental health support workers? Or are you under a Psychiatrist for your mental health?

    Have you talked to these medical professionals about how you are feeling about living in Scotland, or even your GP? Can they advise of any practical health you can access in order to move.

    Are you currently in private or local authority/housing association housing?

    Are you hoping to move to the area that you came from, or just the south in general.

    Sorry for all the questions, but your answers may help others on the forum offer you advice and information.

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