I travel regularly between the UK and France and the best route for us is with Brittany, Portsmouth to St Malo. Unfortunately the ship used on this route, Bretagne, is getting on a bit and only parts of it have been adapted to make life easier for wheelchair users. There are two lifts from the car decks, one goes to the nice adapted part, the other is an accident waiting to happen.

I could live with the narrow corridors and 90 degree turn, but the problem is that sharp corner is at the head of a staircase which means that whoever is pushing me has to descend two or three steps to make enough room to get round, which is clearly not ideal on something that moves unpredictably. The obvious solution is parking wheelchair users by the nice lift, however the loading staff mostly won't do that as it's more convenient for them to put anyone with a disabled sticker by the nasty lift. In 8 crossings, we've been parked by the nice lift just once, and no amount of arguing or complaining before, during and after the crossings has ever made any difference.

Before we just give up and use a different route, which will be vastly more expensive because of extra motorway tolls and the cost of hotel rooms because of the longer journey, is there anything else I could try? I understand the Equality Act doesn't apply to ferries.