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Thread: PIP invite arrived for Lighttouch

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    PIP invite arrived for Lighttouch

    Well, at last, god knows how many years ago my Postcode area was going to be targeted for the invitation to apply for PIP. I held back from applying for a Motability lease car - just in case.

    So I'll keep a log to the procedure for the benefit of members and pass on any tips. I have until Fourth July to phone the DWP to start the ball rolling. I got the brown letter on today, Tuesday '13' June and need to phone them before America's 'Independence Day' the Fourth of July! That's three weeks notice to phone and give basic details then they'll forward a PIP Application.

    Now I can no longer use my writing hand so can't fill out applications - I can type with finger and thumb or dictate so I wonder if you can apply online - does anyone know.

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    I had a look the other day, but could not find a way to apply on line. They said that they intended for you to be able to apply for the application form online, but that never transpired.Though as you probably know you can download an example of both the PIP1 - the questions they ask you when you do ring up and the PIP - 2 the application form.

    That is what I did prior to applying, then typed out response, for both PIP1 and PIP2, there was no way I had time to get the PIP2 done in the time I had. The form did not arrive till a week after I called.

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    I saw this a few days ago. This group make the forms available to type into, from someone else's post.

    Pip forms in PDF format

    PDF version which I'm currently completing.

    I have to say, this version is perfect. All the data you enter stays with the form. the text/font pitch resizes as you fill the box if required, and generally it just works. It is not perfect - some single line fields could be multi-lined and tool-tips need improving, and surprisingly the form is not locked or certificated, so can be structurally edited which could cause potential problems down the road along the 'well - prove that's not the form you sent' variety.

    However, the team behind the forms, and I presume other formats, are very helpful and understanding, much at odds with pretty much everyone else at the DWP involved in PIP where the initial situation had gotten so bad I was on the verge of taking out legal (equality act) court action for discrimination - but of course DWP staff never give their full names.....

    You can contact them at the:
    Alternate Format Team A108
    Warbreck House
    Warbreck Hill
    Blackpool FY2 0ZE
    or via email -

    Hope they can help

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    Quote Originally Posted by firebird View Post
    I saw this a few days ago. This group make the forms available to type into, from someone else's post.

    Pip forms in PDF format

    PDF version which I'm currently completing.
    Was it also yourself who mentioned this on the B&W forum?
    (The wording is almost identical).
    As already mentioned over there-

    Be very wary of this.

    The reason why there is no PIP2 form available online from the DWP that you can fill in and print off is because the PIP2 form that they send out to you has a unique barcode that is individual to your claim.

    You MUST use the form that they send you which has your individual, unique, claim barcode on it.

    (Any PIP2 form that you download from anywhere online will not have this barcode, and so will not be accepted).

    If you need to type your answers then do this on seperate sheets and write on the PIP2 form "See attached sheets.", or print some sticky labels to use.

    This was the approach used by Flymo for his PIP application, and it was perfectly acceptable to the assessor and the DWP.
    My disabilities do not allow me to write more than a handful of words, and, as each PIP2 is individually bar coded, there's no downloadable PDF version of the form. I created my own document which replicated the questions on the PIP2 and answered them. I joyously printed a load of labels saying "See enclosed document" and stuck them over each answer box on the PIP2 before signing and dating the PIP2.

    My assessor commented that it was far more useful to receive a nicely laid out printed document than a poorly structured handwritten form of dubious legibility.
    You can read more details about how he went about writing these sheets in the PIP 'sticky'.
    Start with the paragraph "The PIP2 questionnaire - my approach" which is the third heading in the first post there:

    I believe that Firebird may be talking about the offical government Alternative Formats Unit, which do versions of forms in braile and so on.
    If this is so then fair enough, but for a PIP2 you would have to ring them and ask for your own individual form, and I'm still not sure how it would be handled when received at the post handling site if it has no barcode.
    They have very little flexibility when it comes to mail handling.
    (I have a suspicion that without the barcode it would marked as 'non-compliant' and just ignored).

    Flymo's approach has been shown to work and so may be the better alternative, at least until the DWP make an official form available online.
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    Did not know this thanks

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    I'm expecting my PIP invite to get fast tracked through the system due to the way I voted in the Election

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    If like me you hold off from ringing until nearer the deadline they usually send out reminder letters. When we rang it took a week for the claim pack to arrive but they date it from when we rang - so instead of a month to complete & return it's more like 3 weeks or less.

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    Best of luck Lighttouch.

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    Working finger and thumb. 0 points on all descriptors. Sorry couldn't resist.
    Good luck on your journey.

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    Nukecad - at least were saying the same thing!

    Now read whole thread, hadn't noticed it sounds as if Firebird you are submitting a PDF version of PIP2? Please check, as far as I know the info posted above is correct. I'm sure you could attach your PDF version to your form, but please send the original with the bar code back.
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