hi there,

We have been awarded direct payments to pay someone to help with the care of our child, we understand that we will be classed as an employer and therefore may have a fair amount of paperwork to contend with as regards Tax national insurance, paying holiday pay and wages etc, which we are totally unfamiliar with.

We have got the help of a independent living charity but will have to pay them as we are using their payroll system, they will do most of the official paperwork that is involved in setting up everything etc.

As we are not getting much every week in direct payments we would like maybe in a month or so to take it all over ourselves as we feel the money spent in using the payroll would be better spent paying someone to care for our child, that option remains open to us, but at the moment we are a bit over whelmed with it all.

Just wondering once its all up and running is it easy enough to take over all the official paperwork dealing with HMRC etc? It has been mentioned that if you don't submit items to HMRC in time, they can fine you 100. We have a website page from HMRC where you can download some tools that will help your work things out like pay and tax etc, that any good?

Any advice very much appreciated from anyone who is doing their own paperwork and payroll for direct payments?
Many Thanks