From my Atos assessment at home on the 28th February, not fought for like last time I might add, false sense of I was going o be OK I thought. Wrong, was cut off in my first sentence as was about to tell the assessor how long this had been spiralling downwards, for him to say "if it wasn't in the last year", he said this quite a few times in the 40 mins heads in my house. In then turned into a yes and no game after that.
Cut a long story short, MR done and on the road to getting an appeal together.
Letter from Doctor and all evidence that they said they have looked at, emails and letters from the professionals in my life to date, someone coming Friday to help collate everything, as it's a bit like my head at the moment, all over the place.
Feeling worn out, but feel like I am getting somewhere now, at last!
Again thank you to this site for being there, most helpful.