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Thread: This is aimed at nuke and pmlindy...

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    This is aimed at nuke and pmlindy...

    With regards to esa...
    Since i am currrently seperated from my wife and living alone i am going to apply for sdp...

    i am currently on esa contributions

    if i fill in the form esa3 10/14 will that cancel my esa contributions and put me solely on income related..

    if so and i reconcile with my wife could i then go back on to contributions esa as that is not means tested and other income such as wife earnings and child tax credits ect wouldnt affect my esa

    dont know what to do for best.. i know im entitled to sdp as am living alone.. but do i rock the boat as who knows what future holds

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    should i apply for it since date of my original esa date or from date we seperated

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    If you applied for the SDP it would not cancel your contribution based ESA claim. You would get an income based 'top up' (means you are eligible for both)

    If you reconcile with your ex. you report a change of circumstances and then you would go back onto contribution based ESA. You remain entitled to contribution based ESA the whole time you are in the support group.

    You should apply for backdating to when you became eligible for the SDP - i.e when you separated.

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