MR result not what you deserve ?
Ready to give up ?

Try the stress free appeal.
Statistically 65% of appeals are won.
Statistically, the ratio of paper hearings won to no appeal lodged is 100%

The hardest part is downloading form SSCS1.
Fill this in with your basic reasons for appeal, desciptors challenged, why and what it should be, not a full account, request a paper hearing and submit.
Then sit back and relax, you need do nothing else.
The tribunal will notify you that your appeal has been accepted, great, have a cup of tea.
The DWP will send you a bundle of papers which is all of the evidence, including what you have submitted.
Just check that all your evidence is included, if it is great. If not, find your copies and send new copies to the tribunal.
That is it. No more to do.
If you have an award of any kind, the tribunal will tell you if they think it is in danger and you can then withdraw your appeal and keep what you have.
Thats it, job done
At some time in the future, when they can fit it in, the tribunal will look at all the evidence, and make an impartial decision.
You will get a letter, having forgotten all about it, with their decision.

Whether it is in your favour or not, you have risked nothing.
Better to give it a shot than regret what could have been.