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Thread: ESA renewal

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    Angry ESA renewal


    I'm new here. Things are very difficult for me anyway and I'm finding the esa50 on top very overwhelming. I cannot access any help at all with the form and my GP has refused to give me any letters under any circumstances, they changed their practice policy due to the number of people asking for letters of support start of April. Now the dwp or whoever must send them form, for appeals I must pay for a private GP assessment and medical letter (which I cannot afford) and I've learnt all appeals are now only held at court along with those who have supposedly committed crime.

    I cannot get into my local medical centre. I'm living in temporary accommodation I could literally be forced to leave tomorrow. I've no other medical people involved with me at all. The esa50 turned up on Tuesday and I have just over a week to get it back (I'll have to send it special delivery I've no choice). I've been trying to fill in that electronic version but the boxes are too small and the text size isn't changing to smaller like it did before. I have pages and pages of extra information.

    I'm terrified. I cannot use a telephone at all due to disability, I don't even own one and there are none around here, the letter I was sent states I must give phone number to apply. I can't use a telephone at all can I be turned down for this? The letter implies I cannot get ESA without telephone number. I've no family or friends anymore and there's zero welfare advice where I live (very very rural part of country) so medical I'd be forced to go alone, the centre is a long way from the car park and has massive signs on it saying no recording under any circumstances, no phones, no drink or food (I take medication every hour I cannot go without and need food and drink). I have no passport or anything to identify me anymore as it expired and cannot get a birth certificate (there's some problem I'm unclear on exactly what). No bills, no tenancy, nothing aside from esa letters.

    I don't know if anyone can offer advise or support on this. My GP said they'd support me but are no longer allowed to do letters because a blanket policy has been put in place due to letters taking too much time. I've been assessed at least twice a year since 2009 and the GP says it's just too much work (practices are closing all the time here).

    I'm sorry this is so long, I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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    Hi Bekki
    I am so sorry you find yourself in this position.
    You really need to seek professional advice, Citizens Advice if possible.
    You will need to do your best to fill in the form and get it back as near to the date as possible.
    You can add any further pages of information you have stapled to the back of the form, if necessary write in the boxes " see attached "
    As for appeals, if you have to go down that road, there are two stages. The first is a Mandatory Reconsideration by the DWP. The next stage is an appeal to a tribunal, not a court for criminals so don't worry about that.

    I am sure others better suited to advise will be along soon, but you have found us so you are not alone

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    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    Hi,i wrote a reply,but i don't think it sent,anyway-you need to esa that you are unable to talk on phones due to your disability,and also you need to sort out proof of identification,ie: birth certificate,you are able to get copies of birth certificates from the register office,it costs about £10 approximately.

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    Yeah don't understand. I can't get professional advice. I live in rural Wales. There is no professional welfare advice. CAB closed. All there is is a telephone service which I can't use.

    Tribunals here are held in court the same place as criminals. I've been to tribunal before and lost as I was so frightened. That's where it's held here. It's nice if others don't have to go to court but in this area you do.

    The website doesn't work on this equipment and I cannot access internet any other way. I applied in writing and they said there was a problem, I think I need to go there but I cannot (I was born other end of the U.K.) and it takes a long time via post to arrive.

    I can't get letters. The only medical letters they will get will be those they request. Blanket ban means that. My GP surgery is the only one for many many miles here, there are two GPs. They don't have the time. I'm no longer well enough to get to hospital for any treatment.

    Got to get back to form. Thanks for the replies.

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    Sorry not "yeah" should be "You" !

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    You can tell the truth without professional advice, so do not panic about that. You would probably need professional advice for an appeal, but even then they are there to listen to the facts so again be calm about it. A courtroom actually has very good vibes even though criminals are sent there - in that place they are concentrating on getting justice and fairness for everyone so look on the bright side about tribunals. Try asking for an extension so you can send it in late, if it only came to you late. Can someone help you to make that phone call?

    If your GP is unhelpful, don't bother with them. If the DWP wants info from the GP they can contact the GP themselves.

    Regarding the form, do not bother with the online form of you can't manage it! Write or type on a separate sheet and in the box just write "please see attached" They will not mind you doing that - make sure to write on each sheet your name and ni number and the esa50 question number. My phone has an app for typing and I did my whole pip application, except for ticking the boxes, on my phone, probably yours also has a typing app.

    I can't think what to do about ID. Your expired passport might be ok if it's not to many years out of date.

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