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Thread: Accessible self catering holiday

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    Accessible self catering holiday

    Hi. Please help me. I need some answers before making a life changing decision.

    The decision.
    I want your help to decide whether or not to borrow heavily so that I can offer a comfortable, disabled friendly, self catering accommodation in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area ?

    The proposal.
    I have inherited one third of a lovely semi-detached property at the centre of a community based housing scheme. Over the last few years I adapted the property to meet the growing needs of my disabled Mum to include overhead hoisting, roll-in wetroom and wheelchair access.

    The property has been in the family since it was built 90 years ago. I cannot afford to live there myself.
    I was my Mum's carer for nearly 2 decades until she 'passed over' recently. and will find it very difficult to now find employment due to my physical limitations and age. So I want to create my own income. And I want to retain the property. And I want to do something of benefit to others.

    I am willing to borrow heavily to buy the property so that wheelchair bound folk can benefit from an accessible holiday with their own family / friends / carers.

    The issue.
    The problem is I would need to borrow heavily in order to achieve my aims - and I cannot afford for the proposed accommodation to fail as a business. My entire future would depend on it's success, so I need for you to answer as truthfully as possible.

    The questions.

    * Do you take / intend to take a UK based holiday ?

    * What type of accommodation do you prefer ? Given the flexibility and privacy of self catering would self catering accommodation be of interest to you ?

    * How far from home are you willing to travel for a UK based holiday ?

    * Newcastle upon Tyne has an international airport, national rail links, national bus / coach station, ferry terminal and major road links. Would you travel to Newcastle by air, rail, bus / coach, ferry or road ?

    * Newcastle upon Tyne has a rich history, world famous shopping facilities, a vast amount of accessible tourist attractions and activities, and a vibrant night life. How likely is it that you would consider Newcastle upon Tyne as a holiday destination ?

    * The property is 3 miles from Newcastle's city centre, 8 miles from sandy beaches and accessible promenades, and a short drive / train ride from the outstanding beauty of Northumberland. Do you consider this a good location ?

    * Who do you holiday with / like to holiday with / need to holiday with ? Family ? Friends ? Care / support staff ? Working dogs / pets ? How many people in total in your party ? Or just solo ?

    * How much do you typically pay for holiday accommodation (for your entire entourage) ?

    * How much would you be willing to pay for a self catering accommodation in Newcastle with one downstairs bedroom with full room ceiling hoist system - with through transfer ceiling hoist to lounge, downstairs roll-in wetroom with ceiling hoist and plenty of room for assisting care staff, wheelchair accessible dining area, upstairs bedrooms for 5 additional people in 3 rooms (more if need-be), wheelchair accessible gardens ? £800 pw ? £1,000 pw ? £1,500 pw ?

    * Would you use this accommodation if hoist not needed for your disability ?

    * How long do you holiday for / intend to holiday for ? One week ? Two weeks ?

    * Do you use the same accommodation for the whole holiday ?

    * How often do you holiday / intend to holiday ? Once a year ? Twice a year ? More often ?

    * Has lack of suitable accommodation ever prevented you from holidaying ?

    * Any other information that might help me decide ?


    Kind Regards,

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    Have you tried looking for similar holiday accomodation online?

    This would give you an idea of what is renting, and for what price in the Newcastle / Northumbria area.

    A quick look on tripadvisor from the above search gives 28 wheelchair accessible holiday lets in Northumberland at prices from £75/night upwards.

    If you look at the Newcastle tripadvisor listings there is one 6 bedroom wheelchair accessible farmouse there renting for £450/night.
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    Many thanks for your response Nukecad.

    It is really kind of you to post the links, unfortunately these do not satisfy the market research criteria to get a loan to buy out the property.

    I have looked at similar properties on line, but there does not appear to be anywhere near Newcastle upon Tyne that has ceiling hoists.

    I was hoping that hoist dependent folk would respond positively / would have been keen on renting a holiday accommodation so fully equipped with ceiling hoists and so close to such a wide variety of accessible activities.

    I guess maybe that answers my question. There is no evidence of interest from this sector of the market therefore there is no point in trying to provide the facility.

    I guess that is why there is no other ceiling hoist self catering in this area. Cant run a facility without customers.

    Thanks again for the reply Nukecad. Much appreciated.


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