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Thread: Stair lift being fitted in HA property who is responsible for servicing and repairs

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    Stair lift being fitted in HA property who is responsible for servicing and repairs

    I have been waiting 14 months since I was visited for assessment for a stair lift.At last I have been approved and a company have been chosen by my Housing association to fit the lift.My question is who is responsible for repair costs and maintenance? None of the team involved in my assessment has informed me who is responsible.

    The reason I asked is a lady had a stair lift fitted in a house owned by the same housing association but the company that fitted it were meant to service and repair it have ceased trading.The HA have now told the lady they will have to pay £100 pa for servicing and cannot give them comprehensive cover so they may need to pay for labour and parts.

    Surely if the stair lift was fitted as an adaptation in a housing association property maintenance and repair are the landlords responsibility?

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    Usually the HA are responsible for repairs and maintenance

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    Yes I thought the same.That is why I am confused with the HA response to the lady I mentioned.She and her mum are pensioners I think the lift was installed and paid for with a grant.

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    Hi Gus

    My mother had a stair lift which was paid for by a grant. Have you/or the lady who was asked to pay contacted Social Services, they will be able to help.

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    A stairlift may well be considered the tenants responsibility.

    The HA as landlords are responsible for maintaining the structure of the property, but a stairlift is not structural it is a fitting.
    (Just like cookers, fridges, etc. which are normally the tenants responsibility).

    It would depend on just what the tenancy agreement says, and more importantly what was agreed when the stairlift was fitted.
    (eg. if your rent was increased to include an extra 'service charge' for the maintenance that would clearly show that it's the HA's responsibility).

    If you are responsible for maintenance of the stairlift then it will be under waranty at first, and when the waranty runs out you can arrange a maintenance contract or insurance.
    Like everything else cover and prices vary and you need to shop around.
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    Slightly different we had a clos o mat toilet fitted recently in h a property, I get the first 12 months warranty free from clos o mat then I'm responsible after this for the monthly premium I think it was around £17 a month by direct debit call the h a to confirm responsibility, I was told how important it is that I keep payments up as parts/ labour are hugely expensive to buy.

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