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    Pip 1 question

    I'm on indefinite DLA HRC & HRM
    I haven't been invited yet to claim PIP just wondering if 100% of claimants have to have f2f for pip1?
    I'm not bothered about it too much except that I have mild ASD (not claiming for this) and I find sounds like typing on a computer very loud as I have hypersensitivity to sound and I get easily distracted/poor memory - again not claiming for this.
    Would it be reasonable to ask for another person in the room to type while I have direct f2f eye contact with the accessor? This will make a massive difference to my anxiety.

    I have no reason not to go to an assessment centre infact I'd prefer it. I will go alone as I'm fiercely independent and I want them to see this.
    I have severe and multiple physical disabilities so will be only claiming for the physical issues.
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