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Thread: Getting out of the bath

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    Getting out of the bath

    Hi all, happy beautiful Saturday!

    Long shot, but has anyone found bath lifting equipment suitable for a rather small bathtub?

    Maybe I'm just feeling dissatisfied and should be happy with having showers, but although getting into and out of the bath is an Operation I don't like showering, I like bathing.

    I don't like the aids I've tried, which are: Mangar inflatable cushion (too wide for my tub)
    Unknown brand of solid bath seat (too hard to manage the battery cable plug, didn't sink low enough into the water, too long for my tub, heavy to remove from the bath for other users)
    Slatted platforms that go on the edge of the bath (they are for showering which is all very well, but even then they're quite messy onto the surrounding floor)

    Walk-in bath looks to me like it will empty onto the floor unless one drains it while seated - brrr.

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    Have you considered a hoist? I assume the bath isn't the type with feet so a mobile hoist won't work so it'd be a overhead one.

    However, you may need some assistance with using a hoist
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