Hi, I'm new to the forum. My great nephew was diagnosed with Niemann Pick Type A in January. He is 17 months old and is not expected to live past his 4th birthday. My niece is looking for a new car seat for him and their physio has recommended this one:http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/chi...nformation.htm. He already has limited neck control which is deteriorating so he is similar to a newborn baby. Therefore I'm assuming they will need something that be constantly reclined? He is also very samll, about the size of a 6 month old baby at the moment. Can anyone advise, is this a good seat? Is there better? We have a charity very kindly and generously offering to buy them this piece of equipment so money is not really an issue, within reason. Neither of the parents drive so this needs to be a seat that will be able to be transferred from car to car as required. Can anyone help with car seat advise please?