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Thread: Thank god for this forum

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    Thank god for this forum

    All i can say is thank god for this forum

    When you get your decision letter after the stress of the F2F and not to mention the long wait.
    The stalking of the postman checking your letterbox for that big brown envelope.
    Then the emotions you get just holding this brown enverlope heart beating and thinking shall i open it,
    Then you open it and have not got the points you want, You cannot believe what you are reading.
    Emotions are flooding in your shaking and dont know which way your head is on.

    You cannot believe you have been refused.

    1st thought is i ring these b......s up got it wrong think its going to be simple to rectifie.
    You do a bit of searching on google and find yourable forum.
    Then you start to realise that your not alone genuine people with all different problems, all different walks of life has had the same as you and you start seeing the injustice of this said fair PIP journey.

    You read there storys and think yh my assessment was just like that and you keep seeing the word M R and think what is that.
    So you read more a then realise what it means and penny drops that you are going to have to fight for what is yours and what you derserve.
    You decide to phone welfare rights but cannot get appointment for month and there fully booked helping people who have been wronged by the said fair system.

    So your now aware you have to put this said M R in writing realise and you think you have a month fro date of letter but letter has taken 2.5 weeks to get to you, head emotions spinning out of control again as since you recieved this awful decision letter staing you dont have any problem, you not slept not eaten properly just want this to go away.
    Feel all alone. getting mad thoughts.
    Hoping they will write to you and say it was all a MISTAKE.

    So you read on this forum you can get your assessors report and tells you how to get it so you phone DWP up and ask for a M R and the report and hope you get in time before your 28 days are up.

    Now your left waiting watching for postman waiting for this reort to drop on doormat.
    IT arrives you open it and cannot believe what you have read lie after lie nothing that resembles your illness.

    So now its trying to get your M R letter done its so hard to concerntrate when your head lack of sleep worry is in overdrive.

    You read sticky thread on this forum explaining how to do this M R your reading it but its not logging into your head, as your still in shock..

    You write on forum for help and guidance and so many people help you out and also you hear there storys.
    So now your getting the idea how to do this M R.

    You sit and write your M R add evidence in and tell them why you deserve points. sent letter recorded delivery and now its a waiting game.
    But your still not sleeping and think OMG i did not put this in my letter and needed to do that so your awake all night stressing about this dam M R.

    Checking what you wrote in this letter.

    Now its the long wait and what you have read about M R they are not very successful.
    You realise its just a stall tactic from DWP before you put in a proper appeal..

    Im not brilliant at all when coming to write letters as my brain goes dead. in my illness i write as i say it and find it hard to read it back as i cannot concerntrate, but i felt i needed to write this...

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I totally agree with everything you wrote - about the stress, the emotions and feelings over completing the form, the wait, the decision, and MR.
    One point you made, which, in my opinion, is sadly not taken into account by assessors or DWP decision makers is that each of us is different, with different conditions which may affect each of us differently. But, thanks to this forum, we can share our knowledge and experiences and advise and support each other.
    To me, what matters is we can show epathy and understanding of how someone might be feeling. No matter how different our disabilities may be, we are all victims of the system but together can and will make a difference and can and will get the award we deserve.


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    It helps to share thoughts sometimes, and yours were insightful Sundontshine, thank you.
    I never thought Id ever be caught up in all this disability business, I never asked to have these problems, its all upsetting enough without the added stress of this PIP stuff.
    I hold my hand up to say I'm guilty of not realising how bad it is/was for people who have genuine illnesses having to go through the indignity of applying for PIP.
    I totally get that they have to weed out any fraudsters , of course - but I also assumed that all people got fair and honest professional assessments. Reading some of these stories I am stunned that some people just do not get this.
    Being awarded few or no points after a fair assessment and genuine consideration is one thing - but after an unfair assessment absolutely not.
    I wish you good luck, as it appears it IS down to luck sadly.

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    That's an excellent description of what the DWP call the 'Claimant Journey' - as seen from the claimants point of view.

    And it applies equally for both ESA and PIP.

    It deserves to be shared far and wide.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    The point about similar illnesses/ailments affecting us all differently is so very true and something our Dr's also need to take into account.

    Having an autoimmune thyroid disease I quickly learnt what I feel and how my body is affected is very different to other people who suffer with it. Unfortunately Dr's seem to think our thyroxine is a miracle cure.

    This is the same for everyone else suffering different issues. We are all individuals and how our bodies react is as individual as our DNA.

    Great post. That's exactly what it feels like to be on this journey.

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