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Thread: Possible change of address - not a question for once.

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    Makes me wonder if there is anything wrong with that flat because of it being advertised again and not already been snatched up.

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    It's not for sale, it's social housing.

    They are on the site Thursday to Tuesday, and people register their interest.
    On Wednesday they look at who has 'bid' and offer the tenancy to the highest priority bidder.
    If they don't want it (maybe they have a choice of two or even three) then they offer it to the next and so on.
    This offer stage can take time as people get the keys to view etc.

    If it doesn't go at all then it goes on the site again for a new round of 'bidding'.

    It can seem funny, you would expect 1 bed flats to be popular - but for social housing it's 2 or 3 bed houses for those with kids, and bungalows for the older end that go like hot cakes.
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    I,m closer to London,and here,they invite three people to view,numbers two and three have to wait outside,and number one has to make a decision on the spot,only if they turn it down will the next one go in

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    That's a shocking turn of events nukecad! Hope you get some joy proving your landlord was wrong.

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    I feel for you.

    I have been a homeless single mum put into a hostel, and then a really shite place in shitesville that was classed as "second stage accommodation" ie the dumping ground they put you in once your accepted onto the housing list, pending the offer of a permanent home. Two years it took to get my house. It is now 20 yrs on....but the scars remain (hence why I am so passionate about people not getting screwed by the system because so many people are in severe rent arrears/facing eviction because of the crap system that is universal credit).

    Anyhoo back to you. Look at this link, third one down, medway.

    there you will see what the council requires a form to be filled in, and proof of rent arrears from a tenant. You need to check your council and see if there is anything like that. If there is and you can fill it in and say rent arrears of vastly less than 1k......with evidence....then they would have to accept it, or at least approach the landlord and ask him to fill in one.

    nothings going to help right now, the flats gone. But, you said yourself that the flat had little interest from people. Even if people bid on it, they may not want it once they have seen it. If you can give the evidence into the council that you don't have that level of arrears, and the landlord cant prove you do, they have to reconsider your position.

    Get hold of your local councillor, and involve them, now.
    get hold of your mp and involve them, now

    they may be unable to do anything, but just having them C.Cd into your email exchanges will put a rocket up the councils bum.

    If all else fails, call the landlords bluff, present your evidence, and he has two choices. Retract the statement of arrears or you calling H.R.M.C. You have already indicated the bond of trust has gone. If he isn't concerned, then if you have the means, pay enough arrears to get under the 1k mark, bid on and get a property and get out. Then if you want to, you can have a nice chat with the H.R.M.C


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    BB Nukecad has said there weren't any arrears, it was an error of some sort of paperwork I think. He has the proof.

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    it may be less popular amongst young single people, too isolated? too many older neighbours?

    older people in their 50s/60s maybe a social tenant already, and have priority to move into smaller accommodation, but they want a bungalow and not a they can take their time

    maybe someone of any age is too "able" to need the flat if its aimed more at disabled,... or maybe someone is too disabled for it (ie flats on first floor and they cant do stairs)

    a young couple may be eligible for a one bed flat, but the council might not want them there, knowing that in all likelihood a rugrat or two will come along and then its rehousing again - finding new place for them, new tenant for the flat.

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    thanks for your posting....I do recognise that nuke is arguing that there's no arrears as its an error of some sort. My point was about the evidence. It will be great if the landlord realises he's in the wrong and redacts his arrears statement.

    But if he doesn't (and from what nuke has said it seems like the landlord isn't willing), then the problem may be the quality of evidence. No rent book, cash payments, post it notes. For the evidence to stand, on either side, its got to be proven to have been in issue at that point in time. Also, there could be a problem if nuke was in anyway "jointly and severely liable"...if the rooms are rented out individually, your only liable for you own rent. If a property is rented out whole, the liability for all the rent falls on all the tenants - anyone not paying or empty rooms and the liability for all the rent is passed onto the remaining tenants. However, that also means that any unpaid rent cant fall on just one tenant. And the potential lack of a proper contract (?) would invalidate any claim for liability.

    With pressure from outside sources to ensure a thorough account of the evidence takes may be the case that in legal terms, the evidence on both sides is too weak. Especially as a lot of it is the same evidence being used by both sides. The evidence may not be strong enough to prove nuke doesn't owe money, but also not strong enough for the landlord to prove he does.

    the most important things are that:-

    - the council isn't allowed to accept the status quo, arrears have been accepted on weak evidence. They should allow for the same quality of evidence for nuke. It should be a level playing field evidence wise

    -whilst this could potentially drag on for a number of weeks, any overpayment of rent is offset against the arrears, the under 1 k figure can be reached without any need for proof, he can get back to bidding.....whilst the debate over arrears is being decided. Nuke could be in line for a new home by the time its established that there are no arrears of rent. He can then move out and not pay the last rent, because he has proof he overpaid


    edited to add a relevant bit about how tenancy type could come into play
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    So sad that this should happen to Nukecad just because of a rogue landlord who more than likely isn't paying his correct income tax through possibly cooking the books.

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    ...ah beau, what on earth makes u think that!

    if he is selling up and getting out of the buy to let market, he is probably being an arse just for the sake of it. Not saying with nuke, but it may be the case that he's been a dodgy landlord, along with some dodgy tenants (bit of the old "I will make out the rent is twice as much, you claim HB and we split the profit".

    I know he is drowning his sorrows in some pub. But he at least knows he cant trust his landlord.....once up and bidding again, he can take the next available property just to get out...or he could get out into another private let whilst he takes his time and is more choosy over the properties. Me old nan had a saying "what's meant for you, wont go passed you". Maybe the next flat that comes up is in the same building but ground floor...meaning he never has to move again even if his mobility decreases. Maybe the lucky old git ends up with a bungalow

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