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Thread: DLA going to stop by September 2017 should I get a job?

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    DLA going to stop by September 2017 should I get a job?

    Okay so my DLA is going to stop by September 2017, I have medium care and low mobility DLA and will have to eventually apply for PIP and I don't know how that will turn out, I have aspergers syndrome and have heard that people with autism don't have a good chance of getting PIP and I can't risk being without money as I depend on my DLA for my family, I'm also receiving couple's ESA (Support class) and i'm not sure on what I will have to do and i'm really worried.

    I need some advice on what people think I should do at this point, I'm very agoraphobic and find it hard to socialize, so i'm not sure if I'll be able to successfully get a job that will cover both the ESA I get now and the DLA if I am denied PIP.

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    Get in touch with the National Austistic Society for help and advice

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    I personally would wait until your PIP invitation letter comes and apply for PIP.There's a hell of a lot of scare mongering going on my humble opinion and if you don't apply you will never know.I know where you are coming from though because I will have to apply for PIP at some point and as I have MS where my condition can't be seen and everyday is different and sods law I will have to jump through hoops to get PIP.I just hope my MS nurse will fill the form out for me.

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    I agree with Barbiejane, wait til the PIP comes and take it from there. When PIP goes wrong, people get scared and anxious because it is their lifeline. However, you can go to appeal and people can and do win. I know its a bit of a slog, but if you don't try, you will never know what could have been.

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    I think if you get help from NAS and other parties, if you have a doctors letter or similar providing relevant details the application may go through without a need for an assessment. So do ask around as you can get support with these forms even from CAB.

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    It is possible to secure a PIP award with Autism/Aspergers so please do have a go at least! The PIP is more concerned about how your condition affects your ability to carry out the tasks and any functional limitations it may cause you so I would suggest outlining your difficulties in each question then giving specific real life examples where you can - good luck x

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