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    Hi if my son is at university and comes home in holidays am I entitled to severe disability premium I'm on pip already

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    You don't get the disability premiums paid on PIP, you get them paid on certain other Income Related benefits (JSA, ESA, or Income Support) and you also get PIP, DLA, or certain other disability benefits.

    There are other conditions, including if you live alone, and just what rate of PIP you are getting.

    So firstly you need to be claiming another IR benefit to get the SDP paid on that, as well as getting your PIP.

    To answer your question we would need to know-
    1. Are you getting JSA, ESA, or IS?, and if so then is it Income Related?
    2. If you get ESA then what group are you in?
    3. What level is your PIP Daily Living award?
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