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Thread: Using 'Direct Payments' for an holiday

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    Using 'Direct Payments' for an holiday

    Up until my wife retired aged 70 as a senior support worker working with phyciatric patients, we travelled extensively taking my severely disabled daughter on holiday to many parts of the world.
    As both of us are retired with just our basic pensions plus a small works pension that I receive we cannot afford holiday costs times 3 persons.

    My adult, severely disabled daughter for whom we are the main carers receives a 'Direct Payment' which is used to purchase day care. An element of the Direct Payment is £1300 for an holiday.

    On discussing holidays with my daughters Social worker we where informed that she could use this money for a holiday, but not if she went with us her main carers. As we never go anywhere without my daughter we have not had an holiday for the past 4 years when my wife actually retired.

    Recently we discussed holidays again with my daughters Social Worker and her attitude has changed slightly, saying that My daughter Julie can now use the money to go on holiday with us, but we would have to take a carer with us.

    This to me is just plain stupid as well as financial madness. First of all we don't want or need a third carer, a lot of lifting is required with my daughter and H&S would prevent a carer from doing what is required. We have been doing this for many years and have developed the required skills to handle my daughter.

    My wife and I care full time for our daughter and can/do all the lifting that is required.
    On the financial side this would increase the cost (albeit from my daughters Direct Payment) three fold.
    Approx £1200 for my daughters holiday + a similar amount for an unnecessary carer + at least £1500 (£9 per hour 10 hours per day) in wages for the carer. Not sure if a carer would expect payment for sleeping, but the rate for this in my neck of the woods is £30, this could increase the wages by £400+.
    The total costs for a carer could be in the region of £3100, of cause this would be paid for by the tax payer. IMO this is utter madness.

    I would be interested in your comments especially if you have have/had similar experiences.


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    Have you checked with the direct payments office yourself on this one. I have found that many social workers are not really clear enough themselves on what/how this money can be used for to give advice to others.
    I would have thought that as long as you produce the proof of transport/ accommodation for the holiday for your daughter there would be no problem.
    May be worth giving D.P a call yourself.
    Sea Queen

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    Hi Sea Queen.

    At the moment I'm having a little trouble with the Direct payments team as they have just reassessed my daughter and now say she will have to pay £70 a month towards her daycare which comes to approx 118 hours per month.
    This amounts is approx 2/3 of her Income Support. In the past her contributions have been zero. I mentioned briefly to the team about my concerns regarding holidays, but they say it's all down to the Social Worker.


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