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Thread: NHS chair .. self modifications at your peril?!!

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    Question NHS chair .. self modifications at your peril?!!

    Right here we go.... my new chair is fantastic but agin depends what you call fantastic and as usual it depends on your postcode as to what modifications the NHS will let you have. Never mind if you are disabled enough for that model or the other model..

    I even had a fight on my hands about having my frame colour choice - it took a very long letter for the dept to change their policy so I could have my chair in black (Yawn...) I got black!!!!!

    Anyway as my user name may suggest I can't stand up so can't reach anything - I'd love to have an electric riser on my electric wheelchair. Yes apparently Invacare says it can be done. I'd even pay for this to be done.
    But it's not my chair!!
    I suppose I could pay for it myself and not tell the NHS but not sure that's ethical! I would happily sign a disclaimer saying I'd cover the cost of a replacement chair if there is a disaster. They could turn round and tell me to roll off the nearest cliff!

    Any thoughts- anyone modified any electric wheelchair whether it's NHS or your own or someone else's?
    Am I insane to even think that looking someone in the eye, reaching a shelf, speaking to a group while socialising, etc is even worth the hassle??

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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