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Thread: Another one culled, tragic

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    I don't normally do the Faceache stuff but this story went on my page.
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    Sad very sad indeed DWP and assessment agents need to pull there fingers out !!

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    Disability Wales report on BBC Wales yesterday of a male adult who had suffered brain damage at birth, was in protective accommodation, he had a mental ability of a 7 year old and balance problems, he was awarded virtually zero points by Capita.

    Disability Wales is seriously concerned.

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    I think its only a natter of time before criminal procedures will be brought against such false assessments /lies as to deny a claimant pip.

    assessors who state they have carried out tests to ascertain a claimants ability to do a certain task when clearly they have not should be prosecuted. they can only get away with it for so long...............

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    This is so sad, I'm dreading my appeal, and to top things off my younger brother has now received his invite to claim pip, so there is now double the amount of stress in my house, how my poor mom manages to keep us calm is beyond me, luckily my brother has no understanding of the process my mom and dad have do it all for him, but the stress is widespread throughout the family
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    This is awful. That poor woman and her children now have to live with this. DWP have absolutely no conscience whatsoever, it's absolutely beyond words how these people can get away with this. This make me despise them more and hope one day they or a relative have to deal with the farce that is DWP.

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