I was reading about a new mobile company who are quite cheap, it is called 1p Mobile


At present they have a special offer of 50% off and if you pay in advance it can make quite a difference. They have on the web page a calculator where you put in the service you want and the amount of Calls, Texts and DATA you would require per Month. They then tell you the cost per month or per year.

I only use my phone for Phone Calls and Texts. I never use it for DATA or Internet. For me what I would require is 250 Minutes of Phone Calls and 250 Texts per month. This would cost me, if I paid a year in advance, £30.

Yes that is correct Only £30 per Year and I think that is a real Bargain and seeing they use the EE Network they have a 99% coverage of the UK.

Worth a Look to see how much you could save on your PAYG phone Bill. Me I would save £90 a Year as I am Paying Vodaphone £10 a Month.

One more thing you can also keep your Phone Number so you do not have to tell friends and family a new number.