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Thread: New riser recliner chair range launched by Alpine HC

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    New riser recliner chair range launched by Alpine HC

    Alpine HC has launched a new range of riser recliner chairs to complement their existing offering of equipment for the home. The chairs are stylish and very well built, and are highly customisable with upholstery, motor and control options.

    Rise and recline chairs that offer something different
    Alpine HC's new riser recliner chairs break both design and quality conventions of traditional riser chairs on today's market. They have an elegant, modern design and style options ensure wide appeal. Upholstery options in both material and colours provide a range to suit various tastes.

    Concise range, plenty of options
    There are 5 design styles of chair in the new recliner range, ensuring an easy browse, compact offering. Each design is available in a number of options including:
    • Recliner and riser options
    • Single and dual motor options
    • Upholstery material and colour options
    • Handle, buttons and handset control options

    Helpful selector guides
    Alpine HC have created helpful selector guides for buyers. Check the guides out here:

    Do you like the new range?
    5 elegant designs, leather and fabric options in 10 colours, quality assured, practicality features, robust build and riser and recliner options. Let us know what you think of Alpine HC's new riser recliners by replying to this post below.
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