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Thread: ads that make you go yuk

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    ads that make you go yuk

    I'm sure you have some seriously annoying ads. I'll give you my top two slipper at the telly/leave the room and scream ones.
    First it has to be the never ending over 50s life cover/funeral plans. It's always the same - gentle music tinkling in the background while some smug git says"I can't lose/i don't want to miss out on a cash sum". Mmm,actually you will lose because you'll have pegged it. I've left myself to research thus eliminating the rip off funeral.
    The other one is Virgin Trains, girl dressed as fish. Aargh - go away. If you want to run a marathon do it but not in a bloody stupid fish costume,dreadful.
    Anybody else?

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    I'm with you on that one,

    "I'll get a free Parker pen."

    That pen is costing you a couple of grand mate.
    If you want a Parker ballpoint go buy yourself one, less than a tenner.
    (They probably pay a quid each for a bulk order).
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    I hate the funeral plan ones, especially the one with the stargazer lilies for some reason. Oh and they are are so badly acted.

    Oh and the worst one ever was the dulco ease one, the one where the woman comes back to brunch and tells her girlfriends that when she just went it was all hard and uncomfortable. I mean, come on! Who on earth discusses your last bowel movement with your girl pals around a table of food?! It's not really where most people discuss what just happened in the toilet!

    Some that I do like are the ones that are challenging stereotypes, where they are now using disabled people in ads, not for disabled goods, but just as felow members of society, which I find pleasing as a disabled person can enjoy chocolate, a new kitchen or fridge just as much as the rest.
    Likewise a new dating ad for, I think it is, that has a woman finding her perfect match, another woman, which is wonderful.

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    Never listen to any Ads, just switched my mind off.
    Sea Queen

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    Absolutely agree with nukecad and birdwatcher! Yes the ducolese one is diabolical and the ads you enjoy are spot on.My all time favourite has to be the cat and the budgie can't remember what it was for
    I'm a big animal lover anyway.

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    What ads??? I don't watch tv at all so wouldn't know one if one got up and hit me in the face. LOL

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    If it's not a free Waterman pen I'm not interested!

    But how about expensive to make broadband ads featuring expensive Hollywood actors, we know we're paying for em' if we're customers.

    Another one that annoys me, face cream adverts with words in that sound scientific but also sound made up, words like pentapeptides. How many of us know what pentapeptides are?

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    I thought ad breaks were so you could nip to the loo,or make a cuppa lol

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    The Adverts that really annoy me are adverts for Toothpaste, They get an actor to dress up in a garb that is supposed to make them look like a Dentist, then they Prattle on about their Clients etc pretending to a Qualified Dentist.

    This to me is complete representation and I do not know how they get away with it.
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    face moisturizing creams....where some beauty barely out of her teens is admiring her youthful glow. Slap it on half of judi denches face and show me the miracle at work, then I'd be interested.

    any advert that shows "mum" picking up after her forgetful family, washing and drying the laundry and getting high from smelling that "wonderful outdoorsy freshness" and looking all smug as she folds it and neatly puts it away. Oh please! the reality is that you yell at the family to get all their washing together, you gag from the assorted smells coming from the overloaded basket, you shove it in the machine with a pair of tongs and ignore it whilst having a cuppa.

    oh and the ad that gets me goat the most......the one using kids to advertise loo roll leaving you feeling really clean "clean as a man called david". Any loo roll is going to make david feel clean, just so long as he uses enough of it to prevent tracks.

    rant over

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