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Thread: Walking with aids. Is my partner's arm an aid? Feel more secure than with a stick.

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    Walking with aids. Is my partner's arm an aid? Feel more secure than with a stick.


    Applying for PIP for first ever time due to worsening arthritis in my hips.

    As I'm in pain from the outset and limping, I cannot manage to walk by myself without flailing my arms about to balance myself.

    I would in theory benefit from using a stick. I've got one but always feel unsafe using it.

    However, if I hold onto my husbands arm and he kind of supports me when walking (much better than a stick) I find I feel more secure - though no effect on pain sadly!

    Any thoughts on this please? Thank you. These forms are absolutely awful to complete

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    Get yourself a mobility walker, I put it of for years due to embarrassment, best thing I ever brought. I would recommend a Drive Nitro Rollator, brought mine on line from Lloyds Pharmacy about £150.00 expensive but you deserve the best .

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    You have been given an aid for walking (a stick) so you can tick the box for this.

    The fact that you use your husband's arm rather than the aid can be explained under the other information.

    What you need to concentrate on is the distance you can walk with the aid (stick or husband) taking into account whether you can do it safely (not), repeatedly etc.

    Have you seen this guide?

    I second the suggestion that you investigate other aids which might make you feel more comfortable.

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    Just be aware if you go ahead and buy your aids, there is no proof you have an actual medical need for it. Much better to get a full Of assessment as to the type of aid required, unfortunately it can take a long time, you may want to buy yourself to speed up the process but it's better if the aid is provided through NHS.

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    Oh I didn't realise any of this! I wasn't provided with a stick, I bought one myself about a year ago. So I presume I'll be classed as not needing one?

    Things DO take a long time, I was referred for some more physio last June but the wait was going to be over 3 months so
    I paid for a course myself. My physio never offered a stick but referred me back to GP saying physio at a plateau, still restricted walking.
    GP didn't offer stick but referred me to orthopaedics to have another Xray, found severe arthritis.

    I've never had or been offered any kind of assessment? What kind of assessment?

    Thanks for help. Have been looking at the CAB guide too.

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    tell your gp about walking probs, ask him to refer you for a w/stick.

    ask gp or go to council and ask about adult social care assessment.

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    I have the same problem with hip arthritis and did a self referral for physio, I was contacted in a week with some online advice and shortly after I had an appointment where the correct sided NHS stick was provided and set for my height.
    Using it was very alien to me until I was instructed in it's correct use, (not wishing to teach anyone how to suck eggs), I assumed as my left hip caused the problem, the stick should be in the left taking the weight, but no! ........Left leg = right handed stick and left leg forward matched by a right stick forward.
    To begin I would "tick tock" with the stick and right foot moving together, I felt very unstable but now I have mastered the technique its much easier.

    Unfortunately at the pip interview, the use of a stick made no difference as it is the distance walked aided or unaided that the decision is based on, my score was 4 out of 12 and so a reconsideration has been requested after providing more information.
    Good luck with your application.
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    I was asked at my f2f who provided the stick ? I thought afterwards that I had not done myself any favours by buying my own.

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    Sorry there was a typo in my message you need to be assessed by an OT ,(occupational therapy) your GP can refer you.

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    I too was given my stick,and taught how to use it
    I rarely use mine as it causes my hand to spasm

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