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    Direct Payments

    Hello All,

    I'm due to have an assessment with a social worker to see if I qualify for 'Direct Payments'

    What do they look for? What questions do they ask?

    I thought I would automatically qualify as ( at present) I get DLA High rate both components.
    I have my PIP face to face ( at home) next week, I'm presuming I'll get PIP both care and mobility High rate.

    So, can anyone advise me on what I can spend my 'Direct payments' on ( IF I get awarded it) I know I can employ a personal assistant, However my partner does 98% of things for me, and I don't really want a stranger assisting me in my personal needs.

    My partner does not qualify for carers allowance, she's 65 but owns her property outright and receives a small NHS pension + state pension, Hence NO carers allowance.

    Could 'Direct Payments be used for her? Some sites say NO some say YES, We do not live together.

    So what can I claim for? Is there a standard allowance?

    ANY advice and information would be most gratefully received.

    Thank you for reading this.

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    Generally speaking family members cannot be paid as carers although some areas allow it in exceptional cases ie dementia patients who won't accept care from strangers. You will be assessed on how many hrs care you need, this could be very little! Like 10mins to get you out of bed in morn and into bed at night 10 mins to heat a meals on wheels dinner etc, 30mins to shower and dress etc. DP can also be used for one off equipment is a stair lift. Best to get in touch with an independent living organisation who can give more detail. My son was awarded 8hrs/week and I was told this was generous!

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    Hi Oimum,
    Thank you for your reply and useful information.

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    I was rewarded 21 hours a week but my hours are subcontracted to a supported living company so the money is paid directly to them. It was 6 years ago since I had my first assessment so can't remember too much about it. I know it goes to panel and they decide how many hours you get. I think if it's a physical disability and you can be left alone you will only be awarded hours to get out off bed, bath cook clean, get into bed. So you might get one hour three times a day. If you need supervision all day you might get 24/7 care but that's only reserved for people with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour who can't be left alone at all because they pose a danger to themselves.

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    Your welcome Kalahari I'm in N.Ireland so only have info on the Belfast CIL (centre for independent living) I also worked there for a little while but it's a few years back now so my knowledge not up to date. Have a look for a local CIL they can give you support during your assessment, a lot of social workers are not fully aware of what Direct payments can be used for x

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