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Thread: DFG should i just give up??

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    DFG should i just give up??

    i am having a long battle with my council regarding an adaptation. my daughter is autistic and hypermobile. she has frequent meltdowns and is an erratic sleeper, i also have a baby who shares her room, upon advice from my daughters gp she should not share a room with a sibling. my council sent out an OT to assess the situation, she said my daughter needs her own room as she is a danger to her sister, she also needs her own room so we can install a safety space padded box where my daughter would go during a meltdown. currently there is not enough space. the problem started with the OT saying because of funding she would prefer to give my daughter medical points so we can move to a bigger property.

    I applied for medical points and was turned down on the basis that she will always be autistic and having an extra bedroom would not improve her condition. They argue that because dd1 was here first that the extra bedroom would be for dd2, they awarded me points for this but nothing for medical. this is despite letters of support from my gp, own OT and paediatrician explaining her complex medical needs. I have some points but not enough to move. i have appealed and got support from my mp but they still say no.

    When contacting the council again regarding the DFG i was told that it is still an issue due to overcrowding and nothing they can do about it. they wont build an extra room just for her medical equipment and the medical issues regarding sharing with her sister are for the housing points scheme to sort out, nothing to do with their department.

    should i just give up now? i dont know what to do? clearly my 2 girls cant share but they wont award enough points to move even though they admit its unsafe for them to share a room. the dfg wont help me because they say the housing should be giving me extra points to move to a more suitable house.

    thanks for any help

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    i know this sounds drastic , depending where you live and your circumstances could you not do an exchange there are adapted properties that people dont require anymore i was on homeswapper its free if your council is with them if not its not very expensive to join you might be lucky and its free most councils have joined this scheme as its easier for them and saves them work with homeswapper there are all areas they cover whether you want the same area or move elsewhere depending what you want to do, i think its disgusting that people cant get the help they need anymore no one seems to care about people like us all social housing has gone for people who really need it im surprised they havent suggested an exchange, but dont give up thats what they want you to do dont make life easier for them go to your MP they do help you can email them and ask for there help i have a MP to help me for different reasons they do help your case once you mention MP they get worried as it looks bad on them i hope your situation works out good luck,

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    Yes, you could look at an exchange, & contact your MP. You can also contact a solicitor & see what legal options you have, one experienced in housing/medical matters. You should get Legal Aid because of your youngest daughter & the medical advice, but do not hold me to that. Now, to put it simply, a house needs to be fit for purpose, meets the needs of the occupants, meet any disabled or medical requirements, within reason. Now that is the key phrase here. I had battles for years to get some addaptatoions done. A solicitor will know the laws, rights & can deal with officials who like to fob us off. It sounds to me they are passing the buck. No one will take responsibility, the Housing is responsible at the end of the day, & if medical evidence shows a need they have to act. Of course, they cannot meet everyone's personal needs, & getting a new place may not be easy, but they have to accept the situation & offer support on this. Hence the solicitor.
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    Don't give up - that's exactly what they are waiti for. I've gone through hell for our DFG but it has made a huge difference in our quality of life now it's done. I'd be tempted to et social services involved to assess the risks involved regarding your daughters problems. They would have to assess all of you as to the impact of your daughters health and the conditions you have to live in. They have to make sure everyone is safe and despite contrary belief taking anyone into care is always the last resort and it sounds like your managing the tricky situation very well. I'd then take this to a solicitor as per the last posters advice. I also didn't think they could actually refuse to fund something purely on the grounds of budget. There's a set criteria that the government set out regarding DFGs and saying they havent the money doesn't mean you don't qualify. Like me there maybe a wait (5 years in our case) but that's just the way things go with adaptions unfortunately. And as always mental Health issues are always pushed out as Its not easy to measure the success of the outcomes. Don't give in! You deserve help :-)

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