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Thread: Preparing meals using a microwave

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    Frank Field's private members bill is that the landlord should pay for the cooker etc. so that even an unfurnished flat would need to have some kind of cooker as standard.
    Obviously this is not going to work in HMOs (bedsits) and the like.

    This is not a welfare bill as such, it's a 'stop the slum landlord' bill with a bit of 'here's something we should be thinking about' thrown in.

    TBH it has very little chance of becoming law.
    It is badly thought through and full of holes.

    But that is not the point of these private members bills, they almost never make it to law.

    They are used as a way of raising awareness of an issue and trying to start a discussion about it.
    (Which may then lead to changes elsewhere).

    It certainly seems to have started a discussion her fir instance, let's hope it gets some MPs thinking as well.
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    Some councils now do a starter pack
    Bed cooker,fridge settee and some plates and stuff
    I had second hand of most things in my first and second flats
    I had a new bed,as my mum had left me some money
    I also had a new cooker,bought on tick,with a weekly payment book
    These days,my favourite bit of kitchen equipment is my slow cooker

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    I do like microwaves for vegetables & defrosting. Don't think I'd cook a steak in there. Like Siduri, I love it crispy on the outside and still moo-ing on the inside Chicken can work well, steamed fish too, but it does take some getting used to. Great for warming up bread rolls. And mug of water for coffee in the morning when kettle takes waaaay too long. Also good for ready meals from a can when you got no time at all to cook. Gotta remember to cover the bowl tho - otherwise you'll be half an hour cleaning up the spatter and not have saved any time.

    And definitely not sauces, even the instant just add water and stir every 30 seconds ones - by the time you put it in, program it, take it out, stir sauce, reprogram it, put in back in and do this the recommended number of times - you could have done it in half the time on the stove top.

    Save your steak for the pan/grill.

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    Going slightly off topic,but still related,I saw a programme about meals on wheels being scrapped,and the users being given microwaves,and a fortnightly delivery of frozen meals
    The main complaint about this,is that some of the users had no interaction with another human being,and just those two short minutes of conversation at delivery time kept them going
    Also,the person delivering the meals,was often the one to flag up a problem if a user looked as though they were deteriorating

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    Ahh, you can do a lot with a microwave! Lesson learnt while son was on shifts! I can't be standing up for hours in kitchen, so I'd cook at 6pm for me and heat his up later. Cook one big casserole and divide up. Can then be frozen and reheated successfully in microwave.
    Cheese on toast - I always melt the cheese in microwave. I had a recipe for a xmas pud in the microwave. (Very successful)
    Heating baked beans. SOME veg. I will cook from scratch most times, but varying energy levels mean that ready meals - whether bought or home made - play a part in my life.

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    PIP scoring IS A JOKE
    you figure it out because i cant
    we are seeking CAB advice after a
    mandatory reconsideration notice containing the new decision.

    score =8
    you cant read or understand signs,symbols and words at all

    preparing food =0
    you can prepare and cook a simple meal unaided

    microwave meal...

    i prepare her food at all times as she has colitis and requires dietary needs along with learning disabilities reading instructions and symbols and understanding them and dysphagia a condition that effects her coordination ..
    so how can she read and understand cooking instructions on microwave meals packaging and what microwave meals from any supermarket in the world comes in plastic tubs where as people with such disabilities is able to use in such a way as not to burn scold or injure themselves with a breathable and removable lid to reduce such injuries IE AIR TIGHT RESEALABLE CONTAINER WITH THE LIFT TAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LID..

    in 12 months i have replaced
    2x microwaves
    3x pan sets
    1x cooker
    countless unusable microwave kitchen ware and utensils
    plus she has encountered countless scoldings and burns in trying to prepare her own food trying to be independent
    so because i sometimes on a rare occasion working late i do prepare her meal and tell her verbally over the telephone how many minutes and the procedure in cooking in a microwave IE,, stirring checking temperature and the utensils to use ,,,
    they say she is able to do such a task unaided or supervised ...

    my partner is fully supported and supervised in most activities in her daily life ,
    we have been together for 3 year ,,,it is hard work ,it sometimes can be exhausting ,it can push your limits ,, but i see the person on the inside loving ,caring ,honest and most off all a human being .. we are getting married this year i see my future wife as a Pearson these people see her as a debt or burden to society and a waste of tax payers money ,,,this is 2017 not 1900's

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    Good on you for what you said about your partner. No one is worthless, ppl need to see the person, not just the disability. All the best to you both.

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