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Thread: DWP 'Missing' mail.

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    DWP 'Missing' mail.

    How often do the DWP say that their mail handlers have lost letters that have been sent to them?

    The Mail Opening Unit received a total of 1,465,019 and 1,486,979 envelopes respectively for August and September 2016. Over the same period there were 58 and 52 incidents of missing post or documents.....
    These figures are less than 0.005% of the total envelopes received in each month.
    Source, answer No.3 here:
    Which is the reply to this:

    (I also notice they don't answer question 4, but that's up to the guy who made the FOI to follow up).

    Anybody believe them?
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    If their figures are true then 100% of the people who have their letters lost seem to be on this site. Haha

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    "Over the same period there were 58 and 52 percent of missing post or documents....." ??

    I've had a lot more than 0.005% of mine go missing.
    When one 'lot' went missing, I resent the 'lot' again - and that went missing.
    Meanwhile they wanted over 1,400 back, which was passed to their Debt Management team.

    Eventually, after many months of 'discussion' the so-called debt was cancelled.
    No apology though.

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    Hi I applied for pip last year pip around Nov 2015. With my mental state I did not send the form I received a letter stating that they are still waiting if they don't hear from as in sending the form in by march 2016 they will close the claim. I picked up courage and did the form and sent it. No reply no response until oct 2016 I thought I'd call them to see what is going on only for them to say they did not have anything for me. Meaning sorry dear we lost your form. Then I was told to reapply which I have done and had face to face at home on Wednesday. Which went terribly. Either way if u leave the house for the assessment people are penalised or at home your a bit more comfortable your dead too.

    But wanted to say I don't know most likely people like me won't get pip with all my conditions and yes they loose there mail. Guaranteed so send recorded delivery and phone thenm daily until they say they received it.

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