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Thread: Help wanted to improve assistance at petrol stations for disabled drivers

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    Post Help wanted to improve assistance at petrol stations for disabled drivers


    My name is Clare and I work for Shaw Trust as a Disability Advocacy Adviser.

    The Shaw Trust is helping to promote focus groups that are being held over the next couple of weeks.

    Assist-Mi, who work with Shaw Trust and create apps to help disabled people, have launched a new project FAME (Fuel Assistance Made Easy). The project is led by assist-Mi in partnership with Disabled Motoring UK and Innovate UK to offer users the ability to communicate with petrol stations and even request assistance in advance of arriving.

    Assist-Mi will be hosting a number of focus groups to find out the challenges behind refuelling for a disabled driver and how the introduction of technology will help to reduce those barriers.

    Please click on the links below to register for the event online or to complete the online survey if you would like to get involved and not able to attend in the locations chosen.

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    Easy way around the problem.

    1) You go to a petrol station where they serve you


    2) You go to a self service station when you have a passenger. You get them to use the fuel pump.

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    Surely if your able to get in and out of the car and do your shopping or whatever you can fuel it? What happens too if the attendant fills your petrol car with diesel,or scratches your new car or whatever?
    Loads of problems I see ??

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