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Thread: Need help / welfare reforms pushing me to the edge

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    Need help / welfare reforms pushing me to the edge


    I realize now that I cannot hold all this stress within myself, hence why I am posting on here. I have not even had the letter yet about changes to my Incapacity Benefit, and what the future holds in regards to Support Group or WRG, etc.

    I have a lot of health problems and have been on IB since 1993. I know I am not capable of work, and if I am pushed into WRG I know it will push me overboard as the stress now is very bad to the point of thinking about ending it all. I also worry if I am thrown onto the reduced £60 odd pound if I appeal that I would not cope as I live alone in rented accommodation and no way would that amount of money be enough to support me.

    And what is this where after a year or two the benefit would end, what happens then as I have no one to support me financially like others have partners children etc, what about people with no one?

    I know I am getting all stressed before even getting the form to fill in but I cannot help it. It's like what do I do when the time comes fill it in myself or let cab or welfare rights fill it in for me. I did the online form that is on another site as a test to see what I would end up with and it stated WRG - how when I had loads of points on the form it does not make sense? Though it does say it is not always accurate and that it depends on the one marking the form.

    I am stressed to the point where this is on my mind all the time, I am not sleeping, I am getting very uptight and emotional and also am getting pains in my chest, I am at the docs next week. I suffer with emotional, mental and a lot of physical health problems.

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    I am sorry you are worrying even before you'vechanged to ESA. If you haven't got any savings and qualify for ESA you could get the income related part which as long as you meet the criteria is not time limited.I'm a bit in the same boat so have already started getting medical evidence to post with the ESA claim form when i recieve it to fill in.
    Do you not get help with your rent and council tax, you need to get advise from your local council if not.
    Depending on your limitations it might be worth you applying for DLA if you have problems with your personal needs eg washing ,dressing preparing food,walking.
    Tell your dr how you feel and what is happening to your body,ask them if they will support you with a written report,some drs will,some will only write to the DWP when the DWP write to them and some will for a fee,

    If you think you fit one of the support criteria of ESA you need to get as much evidence as possible with this in mind a detailed report from a dr,carer,nurse,consultant.
    Please try not to worry,take each step as it comes.

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    HI sunny, and Pam, I know you must be very worried, but as you are on your own chances are, like Pam said, you should be on hte IR, rate of wrag anyway. Try and make sure you keep all your medical conditions up to date with your GP/Consultants. Be obtaining as much medical information about your disabilities as you can. lastly try not to worry, it will make your health worse.

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    Also Visit; You will find people are fighting the new reforms, and giving support to those who are worried about them

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    Thanks for your replies. I would have responded sooner but got my self very worked up and it made me very ill; I had been reading all the negative media about it all. I hope all is going to be okay as no way can I work I am not well enough to do so.

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    We all have fears over this, but we really do not know what will happen. You can fight if needed, with help. If they let you down, lose money, whatever, there are options. It is not the end.
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