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Thread: need your help in support for disabled petition

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    need your help in support for disabled petition

    Sheffield council are reducing funding for a servince in sheffield what is reducing funding to a charity what hire's out Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs. Here is the full story

    People from outside sheffield also use this service so if it is possible can you all sign the petition other wise the charity will have to be closed due to lack of funds which will effect thousands of disabled and elderly people you can also find there facebook page by typing in shopmobility sheffield in the search on facebook. They need 6,000 signitures they have 3,000 on paper so far.

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    Not sure it will change things, but I have signed. I see so many people in Leeds in scooters & wheelchairs I know they have gotten from Shop Mobility. Who can afford to buy these things? Without such services people will be isolated & unable to shop, socialise or get to appointments.
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