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Thread: PIP - medical condition should have improved but has new complications

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    PIP - medical condition should have improved but has new complications

    Not really sure how to put this without going round the houses so please bear with me

    Partner has been suffering for alnost three years with compressed nerve caused by damaged disc at top of spine/neck. This not only caused a great deal of pain but also left his arm and hand have lost a lot of the use - fingers have 'locked; in a clenched position, nerve pain down arm.

    After an appeal we managed to claim pip, a contributory factor in the appeal was that the tablets he had to take for nerve pain (gabapenthin) made him very drowsy.

    Last year he finally had surgery - two discs removed , nerve released. The surgeon pointed out that the use of the hand would not return as the tendons are now too hard to allow flexibility but he should be pain free. With this in mind, he had hoped to be able to stop his pip claim and try to return to work.

    However, since the surgery, in July, he is suffering constant dizzy spells . The pain is still there but not to the same extent and he doesnt take the gabapenthin any more but the tablets he has been given for dizzy spells make him sleepy. There are a few more issues since the surgery which are related to it but the main things are the dizziness and the medication he has to take for it.

    Sorry to go on, my question is
    1 - he has been awarded PIP until 2019. Do we need to tell them about these changes in condition. Are they likely to stop his current claim and tell us to do a new claim. The length of time that would take would cause us a lot of difficulty.
    2 - he currently gets basic rate. I am wondering if he could get a higher rate. I cant go to work any more as I am worried about leaving him when he is so unsteady. I dont claim carers allowance as we are on pension credits and carers allowance would just be knocked off that anyway.

    Thank you

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    bumping this in case anyone can help with it

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    Yes, any change in condition should be reported. If the DWP feel that the changes reported would cause an increase/decrease in help needed a PIP reassessment would be started, but your existing PIP award will continue in payment until a decision is made.

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    Thank you , I will contact them.

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    As above plus you should put in a claim for CA. The CA is counted as income but you would receive an additional amount of money (about £30 a week) in the form of a Carer's premium. Also try to see if it can be backdated.

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    thanks.... when we applied for pension credits i explained to the lady that I was considering applying for CA but she said whatever I am allowed from that will just be knocked off our pension credits anyway so i didnt really see the point. I will give pension credits a call.

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    That information was incorrect what the PC lady said. In a similar situation myself, whereas my wife claims CA but a deduction of approx £30 a week is deducted from PC. Your wife will get the full amount of £62.10 per week.
    My advice is to tell her to go for it, she is also entitled to NI credits while claiming CA.

    As for notifying the DWP about your health changes is your decision.
    I know what I would do/NOT do !!

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    I would suggest to you to take an advice from the physiotherapist and get the detailed info about it. Microdiscectomy is one way in which you can get rid of this problem. Hope this helps.

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    You should search for a best physiotherapist who can address the solution and can help you get rid of this problem.

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