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Thread: Same name same gp

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    Same name same gp

    Hi just was told by a friend she had to get a report for a tribunal about her illness and how it affected her daily living from her GP,She did not see this till she was at the tribunal when she was allowed to look at the notes and medical.
    The GP wrote a report but it was about another lady in the practice with the same name and no relation at all to my friend,She told the members on the tribunal that the report was not about herself and they then decided to adjourn for more medical reports and evidence.

    So just adding this for all to check and to see if any one has had any thing like this happen to them.

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    Well there is someone with the same name as me at my surgery, also born the same year. They even have the same middle name. At first there was often confusion by them at the surgery, I had to insist they make sure it was my details they were looking at & why.
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