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Thread: PIP Review Question

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    PIP Review Question

    Hello, my PIP benefit is being reviewed a year early from the date I was awarded it until. If they decide that I'm not entitled to it could I owe them money?

    I've actually been a lot worse from when the decision was made so could I be owed money as I'm expecting my PIP award to increase after this review.

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    I don't think you'd have to pay any money back. If they decide you're not entitled to the benefit then they would just stop future payments. Then it would be up to you to decide whether to appeal or not.

    If you're condition has worsened it's up to you to contact them and let them know. This may mean making a new claim. I'm not sure about PIP but I know when my grandmother's DLA went from middle care to high care they were only willing to give her back pay for the 3 months before the claim.

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    I've just been reviewed and had a new condition which resulted in my PIP award being increased from standard to enhanced mobility. The condition had been present (with evidence) for almost a year before the review date, but I didn't report it as I couldn't face the stress of another assessment any sooner than absolutely necessary. As a result (and as I expected), the increase was only backdated to the date I received the review pack as it cannot be backdated further than the date you first make DWP aware of the change.

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