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Thread: Barbed kindness

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    Barbed kindness

    Watching a TV show this evening where they were doing up an artisan's house who had had a stroke so he was now in a wheelchair and cared for by his wife 24/7.

    They were very sympathetic towards the family and the new house was lovely, BUT in passing they mentioned that the family "used to be very hard-working" and this is the kind of little remark that is unhelpful towards disabled folk and carers both...they are still a hard-working family, they just don't get a salary for it.

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    Obviously a comment made by someone who hasn't a clue what caring for someone in the home entails.
    A carers role is indeed hard a hard working role -

    My work before retiring was partly giving short breaks in my home to families of children with disabilities and I can tell you that after a weekend with some, I was ready for a break myself.
    I always give credit to those who stick with this - it's got to be one of the hardest jobs ever as they cannot go home and take a break from it - very often it's 24 x 7 as well.

    Like you say there is no wage for it - just a pittance to keep people off the bread line!!
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