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Thread: Push Doctor - Online GP Consultations.

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    Push Doctor - Online GP Consultations.

    Just saw an advert for this on TV and wondered what it was all about.

    It turns out to be a private, online, GP service that will let you see a GP by video link in minutes - or set a time to suit you.
    It's been around for a while but has just started high-profile nationwide advertising on TV.

    PAYG consultation costs are- 10 mins £25, 20 mins £40, 30 mins (the maximum consultation) £55.
    (Your first time is £5 for 10 mins).
    There are extra charges for prescriptions, sick notes, and letters. See their website linked below.

    Or you could get a membership for £20/month that gives unlimited consultation times and includes any prescriptions, sick notes, and letters.
    Im not sure what term you have to sign up for.
    I assume there is a minimum contract length, otherwise why pay £25+ for 10 mins when you could get unlimited all inclusive for £20 on membership?

    Seems it could be a bit impersonal, especially as they say they wipe all record of your call after it is finished.
    They do say that they will inform/update your own GP, but only if you ask them to.
    I assume you will also get a different doctor each time you call.

    If you want a quick GP consultation, don't need to be physically examined, and can afford to pay for a private consultation, then you may consider it?

    Privatising NHS healthcare by the back door?
    I don't realy think so, there has always been the option of seeing a GP privately and paying for it, this is just bringing that private option online to make things quicker.
    This service is actually a lot cheaper than most private GP fees that I have seen.
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    Emailed fit notes, I wonder if they'd be accepted by employees/DWP etc. Because there's no signature or practice stamp, the company would have to track those to validate them.
    Nice idea, the NHS needs all the help it can get imo.

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